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Interior plan

In addition to our purchasing guidance for Spanish Real Estate, we are also available to you after the purchase with an exclusive service: a tailor-made interior plan.

Contents Interior plan

An interior plan is detailed design and furnishing advice for your new home in Spain. This includes color and material advice, furniture suggestions and a shopping list. Our team creates a stylish and functional interior that perfectly matches your wishes and those of your tenants so that your holiday home scores top on booking websites.

Increase your return

Not only will you enjoy a beautifully furnished home, but a professional interior plan also contributes to a higher return on your real estate. A tastefully and functionally furnished house attracts more tenants and justifies a higher nightly price. This results in a higher occupancy rate and therefore a better return on your investment.

Benefits of an Interior Plan:

  • Higher Nightly Rate: Attract more tenants and increase the rent through a stylish interior.
  • Higher Occupancy Rate: Increase the appeal of your home and ensure a constant flow of tenants.

Residence Platform customers receive a 15% discount on the complete interior plan.

Would you like to know more about the interior plan? Then click here and discover how we can take your home in Spain to the next level!

‘Get more out of your second home with a unique interior plan’

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