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1a. How can I list a property?

Listing a property is very easy. Follow the steps below and show your property to the world.

  1. Create a free account
    Creating an account is easy and completely free. Click on ‘register’ at the top and create a personal account. In your online profile page you can fill out all the information about you or your company. Make sure you provide the right information because this is your promotion and what potential buyers or renters will use to get in touch with you.
  2. Choose a subscription
    We offer 4 subscription packages and 1 free trial package. Choose a package depending on your needs or use our Trial package to list a property 14 days for free. Upgrade or downgrade your package online at any time and choose which listings you want to set as ‘featured’ to give it more visibility. Start listing directly after you chose your subscription
  3. Add property details
    Our user-friendly online system makes it possible to add and edit all details of your property at any time. Add your own property description, details, images and even floor plans, a video and a virtual tour by clicking on ‘list property’. All this is possible in just a few clicks. Don’t forget to highlight your property when you have an open house. You’re in charge!

You can also see the ‘how it works‘ page and/or watch our introduction video about how to list your real estate.

1b. Do I need an account to list a property?

Yes you need an account to list a property. Registering can be done very easily and is 100% free on the ‘register‘ page. Having an account gives you the following advantages; see statistics about your listing, edit your listing unlimited at any time, set a status (Open House for example), add favorites, save searches and see invoices.

1c. Is it possible to list a property for free?

Yes it is possible to list 1 property for free. Every user will get a Trial package after creating a free account. This Trial package will allow you to list a property 14 days for free. The 14 days will start when you have added a property and you don’t have to do anything for this!

Your listing will be deactivated after your free 14 days, but it will remain in your account. You have to upgrade to another package if you want to reactivate the listing and show it to the world again.

1d. Do I get a notification when my listing will expire?

Yes you will get an email notification 3 (three) days before the end date of your subscription. This is also the expiring date of your listing(s). You can see your expiring date in your online account on Residence Platform.

1e. What is a Featured Property?

A Featured Property will give your property some advantages:

  • Your property will get a special ‘featured’ label on our grid and list view
  • Your property will be sorted above regular listings
  • Your property can be found on our exclusive ‘featured properties‘ page
  • Your property will be shown in the ‘latest listings’ sidebar

As result of the above your property will stand out and get more views compared to regular listings.

1f. Who is the owner of a listed property?

Our service allows you to post, link, store, share and otherwise make available certain information, text, graphics, videos, or other material (“Content”). You are the owner (as listing owner) and you are responsible for the content that you post. Residence Platform has no control over and assumes no responsibility for the listing content or any third party web sites or services content.

Please read our ‘terms & condition’ page for more information.


2a. How can I find a property?

Find a property for free. Use our advanced search and map system where you can filter for all your needs. Interested in a property? Contact the listing owner directly using our built-in contact form and get more information or plan a viewing.

2b. What are the search options?

We offer multiple search options. On every ‘properties’ page we provide a map at the top with pins on it to show the actual listings. You can use through this map to see where the listings are located. We also provide an advanced search system to filter on specifics. This search bar is located underneath the top map. Search for example by location, status, type, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, size, price etc.

2c. Can I search and have contact for free?

Searching is 100% free. Interested in a property? Contact the listing owner directly using our built-in contact form on the specific property page and contact him/her for free. The contact details of the listing owner are also displayed above the contact form.

2d. How can I have contact?

You can have contact by using the built-in contact form or by using the contact details of the related listing owner. The email you are sending, will be send directly to the listing owner without interruption of Residence Platform.

Every listing owners also has an own page on Residence Platform, which you can find by clicking on the name. If the listing owner has more information to show, it will be shown on his/her own page.

2e. Do I need an account to search or to have contact?

No you don’t need an account to search or to have contact with the listing owner, but it will give you some advantages. Without having an account you can use all the functions (except adding favorites and save searches) we offer, without limitations and we are always here to help!

2f. What are the advantages of having an account while searching?

By having an account on Residence Platform you can add favorites, save searches and more. An account would be useful if you are a returning visitor.


3a. Is it free to make an account?

Yes it is 100% free to make an account.

3b. How can I make an account?

Go to the ‘register‘ page and create your free account.

3c. Who can make an account?

Everyone can create an account. An account is only necessary if you want to list a property and it is optional if you only want to search for properties on our platform. As visitor, an account is not required but it will give you some advantages.

3d. What are the advantages of an account?

By having an account on Residence Platform you can list properties (as agent, agency or property owner), add favorites, save searches and more. An account would be useful if you are a returning visitor.


4a. How does buying a package work?

Buying a subscription package is very easy and can be done in your online account. After logging in, a button ‘change your subscription’ will be displayed. Click on this button and follow the 3 steps; choose your package, provide billing information, choose payment method. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your package online at any time.

4b. What are the payment options?

You can pay using Creditcard (Stripe), PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer). These options are 100% safe.

4c. Do I get an invoice?

Yes. Our system will automatically generate an invoice after buying a package. You can find this invoice in your online account on the ‘my invoices‘ page. You have to be logged in to see this page. Click on ‘PDF’ to open your invoice and save or print the invoice.

If you have chosen for the ‘recurring option’, a new invoice will be generated on the day your subscription package will be automatically renewed. This new invoice will be added to your other invoices on the ‘my invoices‘ page.

4d. Is VAT included or excluded in package prices?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is included in the Subscription Packages where applicable. The VAT Rates depends on the country of residence and whether you are buying as a private person or company. Check the button ‘I have a Company’ when buying a subscription if you are a company. You can check your invoice to see how much VAT is included.

4e. How does a 'recurring payment' work?

If you choose to enable recurring payments your subscription will be renewed automatically when the expiration date of your package has been reached. The payment will be taken from your PayPal or Stripe account. This option can be enabled for every subscription package we offer and can be canceled easily.

4f. How can I cancel a recurring payment?

A recurring Stripe Payment can be cancelled in your online account on Residence Platform. Click on ‘cancel stripe subscription’ and your recurring payment will be cancelled. This action cannot be undone.

A recurring PayPal Payment can be cancelled only in your PayPal account. You can do this by clicking on ‘cancel’ under ‘payment setting’ in your PayPal account. This action cannot be undone.

It is not possible to have recurring payments for Wire Transfer because this payment method is a manual bank to bank transfer.


5a. What are the company details?

Company Name: Residence Platform
Chamber of Commerce: 70660980

Bank Account: NL20 ABNA 0811 7824 33
BIC (swift): ABNANL2A
VAT number: NL002217815B10

5b. How can I contact Residence Platform?
You can contact us by email:
Support department:

5c. Can I find Residence Platform on Social Media?

Yes, we are social! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Below you can find our accounts:


Follow us to check out all the latest listings in the world!

5d. What can I do with the Promotion logos?

With our promotion logos you can let your visitors know where your listings can be found. These logos can for example be added to your website or social media channels.

Below the page where you can download the promotion logos: